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« Social Media Policies - Do we need them? (#SWChat) »

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

Social Media Policies - Do we need them?

Companies introduce Social Media Policies to protect the company and the employees, but do they really work? Are they doing more harm than good? This weeks event discussed the pro's and cons and drew some conclusions.

Event Statistics

  • No. of Tweets = 691
  • No. of Contributors = 72
  • Reach = 167,000
  • No. of impressions = 2,100,000


Full Transcript Report via @hashtracking

Questions Asked

Q1) Are Social Media Policies in place to protect the employee, the company or both ?
Q2) Isn't the use of Social Media just common sense and introducing a company policy doing more harm than good ?
Q3) Can a company really police and enforce a Social Media Policy with it's employees ?
Q4) What should go in, and what should be left out, of a company's Social Media Policy ?
Q5) Have you (or someone you know) ever breached your company's Social Media Policy and what was the consequence ?
Q6) Are employees fearful of mentioning their company by name in their Social Media circles in case there are repercussions ?
Q7) In 140 characters or less, do you think social media policies are a good thing and if so why, and if not why not ?

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