Next Generation Collaboration (#SWChat)
Friday, November 30, 2012
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Collaboration is nothing new. People have been collaborating since the stone ages to hunt for food. But how has collaboration evolved in the last few years, what has been the business impact and what makes a good collaborator?

This event took a deep dive into collaboration from the social tools to people's behaviours.

Event Questions

Q1) Companies today must build an infrastructure for it's employees to work remotely. Agree/disagree?
Q2) Is a flattened hierarchy, openness, and shared ideas the new work culture of today?
Q3) Should companies encourage more social networking / relationship building of it's own employees?
Q4) Is reward and recognition essential in today's collaborative culture to encourage better contribution?
Q5) Does the role of a manager change in a company with a collaborative culture at it's core?

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Participants: Greg Lowe, Colin Hope-Murray, Jenn Emerson, Alastair Walker, Richard Rashty

Producer: @LizCpher

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