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In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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« Twitter Tools: What Rocks & Shocks? (#SWChat) »

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

Twitter Tools: What Rocks & Shocks?

With so many different Twitter tools available, this event discussed what people prefer to use and why, and which ones should be avoided! 

Event Statistics

  • No. of Tweets = 861
  • No. of Contributors = 98
  • Reach = 301,000
  • No. of impressions = 3,000,000


Full Transcript Report via @hashtracking

Questions Asked

Q1) For #Twitter chats (like #SWChat ), what user interface do you use and why ?
Q2) What other 3rd party #Twitter tools do you think Rocks (i.e. like) ?
Q3) Are there any 3rd party #Twitter tools you wouldn't use ?
Q4) For the mobile, what is your preferred #Twitter app of choice ?
Q5) Are you for or against #Twitter tools that provide automation (i.e. auto-follow, auto DM etc...) ?
Q6) If you were to design a #Twitter Tool, what key feature(s) would you include ?
Q7) In 140 characters or less, which #Twitter tool could you not do without and why ? 

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