Building A Collaborative Culture (#SWChat)
Friday, May 4, 2012
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Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

Building a Collaborative Culture

This weeks #SWChat was a Guest Event with Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst of MWD Advisors.

Angela is also a keynote speaker at the Social Workplace Conference 2012 in London on May 24th.

Angela shared her insights and thought leadership on "Building a Collaborative Culture", the challenges you will face and the role technology plays - a great prelude to her keynote speech at the conference.

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FREE Prize Draw Winner

This weeks event included a FREE Prize Draw where the winner was chosen randomly from those participants who also included #SWConf in their tweets during the 1 hour event by Crexia

I am pleased to announce that Lesley Price, e-learning consultant was drawn as the winner. Lesley wins a FREE ticket worth £480 (~770 USD)  to the Social Workplace Conference 2012 in London on May 24th courtesy of Crexia, the organisers of the conference.

Congratulations Lesley!

Questions Asked

Q1) Why is a collaborative culture so important in business today? 
Q2) People can be trained on tools, but how can a collaborative culture be taught?
Q3) Not everyone readily embraces collaboration. How can these people's fear be overcome?
Q4) Why are companies paying more attention to internal collaboration amongst their own employees?
Q5) What impact can a collaborative culture have on innovation?
 (not asked)
Q7) Email is where conversations go to die. How do you convince a company so entrenched in email to change?

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