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Gamification: Just Point's and Badges? (#SWChat)


Gamification has always been a favourite topic with the #SWChat, community where it's usefulness in business has always split the audience. We are returning to this topic to see how Gamification has evolved and how people's opinion's may have changed.

This event debated whether Gamification can incentivise employees better or whether it's really just about point's and badges.


 Gamification is the concept of using game design elements in non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.

 Game mechanics are constructs of rules intended to produce an enjoyable gameplay. Think of it as basic building blocks that can be combined in interesting ways to drive a (often complex) sequence of actions in order to achieve desired results.

Courtesy of KISSMetrics

Event Questions

Q1) Gamification is a smart way to increase Brand loyalty & better understand your customer. Agree/disagree?
Q2) Are companies turning to Gamification as standard reward programmes no longer motivate employees?
Q3) Can (and should) Gamification be used to drive a companies core business processes?
Q4) Can Gamification drive cultural behaviours of employees to increase productivity?
Q5) Can Game mechanics in the workplace help to build and foster better employee working relationships?

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Participants (confirmed): Greg Lowe

Producer: @LizCpher

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Enterprise Gamification (#SWChat)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace event.

Enterprise Gamification



 Gamification has the potential to greatly optimize the way humans are connected to and go about their work. Like social media, and usually closely integrated with it, gamification is an emerging new field that's still difficult to broach in many management circles because of its perception that it's not an appropriate or serious enough business topic. Yet a growing number of impressive outcomes as well as a burgeoning set of supporting tools and technologies are making it increasingly likely that gamification will find its way into a workplace near you over the next couple of years.

Extract from Enterprise Gamification: Will It Drive Better Business Performance?
by Dion Hinchcliffe

Event Questions

Q1) Can Gamification enhance the learning experience and help to incentivise employees?
Q2) What if you earned badges at work instead of job titles?
Q3) What if all salaries were aligned to the badges you earned?
Q4) What are the requirements for developing Gamification in the workplace successfully?
Q5) What are the barriers for Gamification in business?


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Spreecast Social Video Channel

Participants: Mark Oehlert, Tim McDonald, Andrew Sim, Lesley Price

Producer: @LizCpher

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