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In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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Community Managers can make or break your Brand

I'm currently looking for a new mobile as my HTC I use for work is leaking memory (this is the second HTC mobile I have had that has developed exactly the same problem) and I wanted to know more about the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Surfing a well known search engine I came across this article from PC Advisor "Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison review" written by Chris Martin, a staff writer at PC Advisor.

The article contains facts about some of the tests that were done by PC Advisor comparing the Samsung S4 to the iPhone 5, however once I had finished reading it I was left with a feeling that the article had a clear under tone of bias towards Apple. Reading it again and ignoring the writers biased under-tones, for me the Samsung S4 came out a fairly clear winner and yet the overall verdict was still in favour of the Apple iPhone5.

What I was expecting was an independent review from such a reputable brand as PC Advisor to help me make an informed decision, but instead I was left confused, frustrated and questioning the Brand's ability to be fair and transparent.

So I left a polite and humorous comment to the fact that I wonder if Chris Martin (the writer of the article) owns an iPhone 5 to which Matt Egan (PC Advisor Editor and star of this blog post) responded with the following comment:

From a community manager / editor representing a Brand I thought this response was a little strong and very provocative.

I then read other comments of the article left by consumers and I guess it wasn't surprising to see many had exactly the same opinion as myself that they felt this article was biased towards Apple. But what was surprising (well, more shocking) were some of Matt's responses to those comments:

 ...and I'm saving the best to last...
[Edited: The below comment was actually taken from a different article on PC Advisor] 


If you are representing a Brand you just cannot behave in this way. Not only will you alienate your consumers but you are damaging the Brand. So here are my top tips on how to be a great Community Manager:

Top 10 Tips that make a Great Community Manager

  1. Remember you represent the Brand not yourself
  2. Always be polite and respectful to your consumers, even if you don't agree or like their comments
  3. Don't take comments personally
  4. Engage with those that leave comments and thank them for their insights and time
  5. Where people disagree or have an issue, politely find out any information you can that can help them and your Brand in the future
  6. Listen to what your consumers have to say and feedback to your Brand
  7. If comments are offensive, remove them. Public battles are not pleasant reading and ultimately damaging to your Brand
  8. Don't use foul or offensive language yourself
  9. Learn from the experts and other community practitioners. I highly recommend joining the #CmgrChat Twitter Chat community (co-founder Jenn Pedde) and listening into Tim McDonalds #cmgrhangout
  10. Remember you represent the Brand not yourself (repeated for effect)