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In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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The Future Of Social Is Mobile (#SWChat)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

The Future Of Social Is Mobile

In the last couple of years, mobile technology has advanced so much that it has become an extension of ourselves. Demand is high causing costs to sky-rocket, where the price of a handset can cost more than a 3 piece leather suite.

This event is looking at why the smartphone has become so popular and how we see the market evolving over the next 5 years.

Event Statistics

  • No. of Tweets = 1700     (NEW RECORD)
  • No. of Contributors = 126
  • Reach = 651,000     (NEW RECORD)
  • No. of impressions = 5,900,000


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Questions Asked

Q1) If u turned ur phone off, how long before Social (media) Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D) kicked in?
Q2) Why has the smartphone become such an important device for communicating and consuming content in recent years?
Q3) How do you see social and mobile evolving over the next few years?
Q4) It is imperative companies invest in providing smartphone devices to all its employees. Agree/disagree?
Q5) Do you see a future where companies have their own in-house app stores for employees to access?
Q6) What smartphone app would you like to have that doesn't exist today?

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Do you suffer from Social (media) Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D)?

Message to readers,

Updated post due to the fact I didn't know Social Anxiety Disorder was actually a real medical condition (whoops!). I'm hoping now that the changes I've made will make it clear that it is a "tongue-in-cheek" post and will stop me receiving any more requests for interviews / guest articles on how to deal with the medical condition Social Anxiety Disorder.

Apologies to the confused or the offended...

warmest regards,
David Christopher

Have you ever been down the pub with a group of friends and interrupted a flowing conversation to answer that beep from your smartphone informing you that someone has commented on your latest Facebook status?

Maybe you have been having dinner with your family at a nice restaurant and excused yourself for the fourth time blaming it on a weak bladder because you needed to check what has been happening in your Twitter stream; a weak bladder that only manifested itself at the same time as getting your first smartphone?

Or maybe you were watching a film at the cinema and noticed a flashing coming from the hand where you are gripping your smartphone tightly, whilst your girlfriend squeezed the other hand harder and harder giving you that "don't even think about it" look?

If any of these sound familiar to you then you could have Social (media) Anxiety Disorder (or S.A.D for short).

S.A.D is a serious disease that is spreading fast around the globe and now starting to spread to the workplace as companies start to adopt social technologies to collaborate.

If we don't act now this could turn into a worldwide epidemic!

If you already do any of the following then it could already be too late for you....

  1. You cannot resist the temptation to text, instant message, tweet, or generally converse via your smartphone than watch the 238 slide PowerPoint presentation on how this weeks strategy could increase the company margin tenfold
  2. You give colleagues your twitter username when they ask for your email address
  3. You suggest "I'll Friend you on Facebook" when you meant to say "lets do lunch"
  4. You restrict your emails to 140 characters
  5. You keep a running count of the colleagues you know
  6. You host twitter chats instead of telephone conferences
  7. You prefix forwarded emails with RT
  8. You spend 10 minutes trying to find the Like button of a document uploaded onto your intranet site
  9. You refuse to talk to a colleague you don't know without a verbal introduction from one of their team members
  10. You first hear that your boss has left the company via their updated LinkedIn profile

For me it's already too late....but hopefully my suffering hasn't been in vain and this blog post helps you identify the signs before Social (media) Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D) takes another life.


How NOT to get Twitter followers

My Twitter stream is an essential part of my business and my life (yes I have the S.A.D disease where there is no cure). I have put an extraordinary amount of time into identifying the right knowledge flows that are both inspirational and informative to me and my business.

Whilst building up my Twitter stream there were certain idiosyncrasies that instantly put me off following someone. I thought I would share these with you in the form of How NOT to get Twitter followers, as I am sure I am not alone here in my thoughts.

Disclaimer: These are based on using your Twitter account for business purposes not for personal use (though many of the idiosyncrasies would still come into effect for personal use too!)

How NOT to get Twitter Followers

1. Don't use your own Human Face as your Twitter Avatar

These are just some of the classic examples I came across:

  • Using your pet - People do business with people not with their pets. Am I really going to take you seriously if I am tweeting with Mr. Snuffles?
  • Adding funny clown hats and fake moustaches - Why on earth????
  • Using your company logo - unless you are a well established enterprise, then I would not recommend this. I am more likely to build a relationship with you when I see a human face than a nice company logo
  • Using the default Twitter Avatar - To me this shows you don't understand how social media or business works. Therefore I am unlikely to contact you....ever
  • Using a cartoon image - Hahahaha but I am not going to contact you...
  • Using a picture of your loved one or baby - Awww isn't that sweet....still not going to contact you.....
  • Using a provocative picture - Yes I may contact you but not for the reasons you would like me to....

2. Starting your Twitter Bio with Personal Stuff

Yes, you maybe a proud dad of two and a wonderful husband, but don't include that in your bio. Your Twitter bio has a limited number of characters - use it wisely to give a good impression of you and your business.

If you MUST add that info, add it at the end never at the beginning. I'm busy, I might only read the first 5 words of your bio before making a decision to follow you or not.

3. Having an Animated Twitter Avatar

If the thought is that you will stand out from the crowd, you succeeded. But not for the reasons you would like me to think. You want your tweets to stand out from the crowd not your Avatar!

(I saw one recently with a rotating head - WHY????)

4. Using Strange Twitter Names

Having Twitter names like "ILuvSocialMedia" or "Ifollowbaccc" is an immediate put off for me. I want a face and a name to do business with. Which leads me nicely on to my next idiosyncrasy...

5. Including Follow Back in your Twitter Bio

Adding "I'll follow you back" in your bio is a big no no. I don't want anyone to follow me back just because I follow them. I follow people because I hope they will be inspirational and informative in their tweets to me and I continue to follow when they do. I hope my followers think the same of me.

(btw If you are that desperate for friends, go down to your local pub and buy everyone a drink!)

6. Adding words like "Expert" and "Guru" to your Twitter Bio

Only other people can call you an expert or guru. If you include it in your bio it suggests you need convincing of the fact not others (bit of Sigmund Freud deep thinking here...)

7. Not Tweeting Regularly

If you don't tweet regularly you either have nothing to say or you don't understand social media. Either way why would I want you in my Twitter stream?

8. Tweeting about Personal Stuff

Some personal stuff is ok, it shows a human side to you and your business. But if you do it regularly I will unfollow you. My advice is to use Facebook for your personal stuff, or at the very least have a separate Twitter account for personal stuff so if people are interested they will follow your personal account.

9. Not Listening or Engaging with Others

If you are just constantly pushing out your own content and not listening to, or engaging with me then why would I continue to follow you? (see my previous post Twitter: Learn to listen and stand out from the crowd...)

10. Ignoring your Klout Score

Ok, this might be a contentious inclusion here whilst it is still in beta mode, but I believe Klout will play an influential role on Twitter when it comes to business (see Where there is an over-crowded market in what you and your business have to offer, what is going to make you stand out from the crowd?

Klout will show how other people perceive you and how influential you are when it comes to your area of expertise. This could be the deciding factor when all other things are equal.

Some Final Pearls of Wisdom

Remember, your Twitter account is just an extension of you and your business - a great social communication channel in a very public arena. Take Twitter seriously and treat the people that follow you with respect. Who knows where that next lead or opportunity will come from...