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In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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Winners & Losers in Social Business (#SWChat)

We know the impact of companies not willing to get on board with social media. We also know the impact of those not willing to have trained crisis management teams in place to react and respond quickly to situations via social media. And we have talked a lot about how companies need to have an internal Social Business strategy to support their external social media one. But who really are the winners and losers when it comes to embracing Social Business?

Live Show Playback

On Monday 4th Feb, Liz Christopher hosted our #SWChat Live Show on Winners & Losers in Social Business with panelists:


Managing The Cultural Change (#SWChat)


Any company undergoing a social business transformation has to address the cultural change for sustained adoption. If you don't plan to deal with the change in mindset of your employees then you are planning to fail.

When I talk about the culture of social business I'm referring to the human behaviours of what it means to be social in business and the change in mindset associated with sustained change.

The culture of a true social business is about being open, transparent and encouraging trust amongst your peers and colleagues. It's where much more value is placed upon the benefits of networking and relationship building with employees to work together on the companies goals.

I often use the phrase 'Social Business is said to flatten hierarchies'. This doesn't mean it replaces them, but instead creates the framework to allow the right employees to collaborate and focus on the objectives to deliver regardless of the job title they hold.

"For every piece of the knowledge pie you share, you will receive two in return."

This event debated how companies should manage this cultural change to be successful in their social business transformation and reveals the new CHANGES methodology designed to help any business evolve to become a true social business. 

Event Questions

Q1) Top down management policies are the best way to change an entrenched culture. Agree / disagree?
Q2) Are methodologies like The CHANGES Methodology, essential for changing hearts & minds for social collaboration?

Q3) What 3 top tips would you advise any organization dealing with a dramatic cultural change (e.g. no internal email)?
Q4) Cultural change in any organization has to be driven from HR. Agree / disagree?
Q5) Many people in an organization will always fear change. How do you overcome this fear/resistance?

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Spreecast Social Video Channel

Participants: Tbd

Producer: @LizCpher

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How Social Media Is Changing HR (#SWChat)


When it comes to the corporate world, HR is often one of the last to adapt to change. Mostly because they are the keepers of policy, procedure, order, and the employee. They were the keeper of the employee until social media changed the game.

(extract from Jessica Miller-Merrell)

This event looked at how HR needs to change and adapt to Social Media and the barriers to overcome in doing so.

Event Questions

Q1) What role should HR play in Social Business Transformation?
Q2) When it comes to change, HR is generally the last to adapt. Why is this?
Q3) How is Social Media changing HR to benefit its employees?
Q4) What benefits does social media have in recruiting the right people compared to more traditional recruiting methods?
Q5) Should HR be checking out potential candidates social profiles and streams before hiring?

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Spreecast Social Video Channel

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Social Business Transformation (#SWChat)

This #SWChat event was sponsored by:


According to Gartner, a social organisation is an organisation that handles significant business challenges and opportunities using social media platforms to engage stakeholders, such as employees, customers and suppliers, to work and collaborate together. A social organisation empowers employees, which creates openness, creativity and collaboration. It is all about the people.

So how do you go about transforming your business to become a Social Business? This event delved into the why and how of Social Business transformation.

Guest Hosts

Andy Jankowski
Founder of Enterprise Strategies

 Business Guru Peter Drucker said 'the most valuable asset of a 21st century organization will be its knowledge workers and its productivity', I see Social Business as fundamental to enabling both. 

Andy is a Social Business researcher, advisor and public speaker. During the last 17 years he has served as a trusted advisor for several industry leading organizations including Andersen, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan Chase and Oracle. He is a career long student of enterprise communication and collaboration and loves sharing what he has learned. Andy is a frequent conference speaker and an avid road cyclist. He enjoys connecting people and dots.

@andyjankowski | LinkedIn | Google+ | Facebook


Greg LoweEnterprise Strategies Advisor

Greg constructively challenges the status quo to achieve real change in organizations. With a background in IT, communications and collaboration, Greg is passionate about making technology usable to make people's jobs easier and changing the way companies do business. He does this by demonstrating value through building business cases and leading organizations to develop and support new behaviors, by working with leadership to help them understand how and why to leverage social business systems within their enterprise to achieve better business outcomes. He also writes and speaks about strategies and tactics that can be employed by companies to drive success in the Social Business space.

@Greg2dot0 | LinkedIn | Google+

Event Questions

Q1) Why does any business want or need to become a Social Business?
Q2) Why are organisations much slower to adopt social methods of engagement compared to the outside world?
Q3) What's more important for Social Business Transformation, cultural change or technology enablement?
Q4) Groundswell approach or top down leadership - which has the better chance of success of sustained transformation?
Q5) What are the key steps in transforming any business to become a Social Business?

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Spreecast Social Video Channel

Guest: Greg Lowe (Advisor to Enterprise Strategies)

Participants (confirmed): Jenn Emerson, Colin Hope-Murray, Andrew Sim

Producer: @LizCpher

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Social Business and Reputations (#SWChat)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

Social Business & Reputations

This weeks #SWChat was a Guest Event with Chris Reed, founder of Restless Communications and a keynote speaker at the Social Media Influence conference in London, June 12th.

Chris has almost 20 years' reputation management experience spanning PR and social media, both in-house and in consultancy working with businesses ranging from the BBC to TfL.

In recent years he has helped clients including Bupa, BT, Shell and Sony navigate the social space, by developing strategies, content plans, business-integration models, and training programmes for hands-on or C-suite audiences.

He recently established Restless Communications, a social business consultancy which helps organisations both communicate and structure themselves more effectively for a social age, harnessing internal and external social tools and channels to do so.

Event Statistics

  • No. of Tweets = 1700 (NEW RECORD)
  • No. of Contributors = 146
  • Reach = 624,000 (NEW RECORD)
  • No. of impressions = 4,900,000


Full Transcript Report via @hashtracking

FREE Prize Draw Winner

This weeks event included a FREE Prize Draw where the winner was chosen randomly from those participants who also included #SMI12 in their tweets during the 1 hour event by Social Influence.

I am pleased to announce that Sasha Taylor, was drawn as the winner. and wins a FREE ticket worth £495 (~800 USD) to the Social Influence Conference 2012 in London, June 12 courtesy of Social Influence, the organisers of the conference.

Congratulations Sasha Taylor !!!

Bonus Prize

For all #SWChat participants last night there is a 20% DISCOUNT available for the Social Media Influence Conference in London on June 12th. To receive your discount book online and use the discount code SMI-20 and you will receive your 20% discount.

Questions Asked

Q1) What role has #socialmedia played in brands recognising the need to listen more, broadcast less?
Q2) A brand cannot afford to ignore #socialmedia today. Agree / disagree?
Q3) How can #socialmedia enhance or damage a brands reputation?
Q4) How should brands react and manage negative publicity on #socialmedia?
Q5) <skipped>
Q6) What are the key characteristics that transforms any business into a #socialbiz?
Q7) <skipped>
Q8) Why should brands empower their employees to be a voice for them via #socialmedia channels?

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