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In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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There's just too many social tools right?

Having presented numerous times to various management and executive boards on the need of Being Social in the workplace, it might not surprise you that at some stage we always end up talking about tools. And the fact that there are just too many of them.

"We have 3 different Wiki platforms, which is the one you would advise we use?"

"Which workspace solution is the easiest to use?"

"We are using Blog type A, but Bob in accounting says that Blog type B is better. What do you think?"

These are typically some of the everyday questions that pop up that I have to deal with.

There are two approaches to the "too many tools" issue:

  1. Implement a Corporate Social Governance Model
  2. Provide Social Tool Comparison Tables

Implement a Corporate Social Governance Model
This is the simplest approach, but often the hardest to implement. It does mean the business and IT department need to work closely together (sometimes a challenge in itself) to ensure the single Wiki, the single blogging platform, the single workspace solution etc... meets the needs of the business.

Provide Social Tool Comparison Tables
This is a much more difficult approach, but definitely the easiest to implement. Create a centralised knowledge resource hub where users can compare functionality of similar social tools so they can make an informed decision on which is the right tool for them (see example below):

So the options are simple. Give the users no choice and therefore no confusion or debate, or provide the facts so users can make the right judgment call.

Don't allow "There's just too many social tools?" to be an excuse for not evolving your workplace!


Developing your own Social Media strategy

Defining and delivering a social media strategy within a business is not an easy thing to do. You need an inspiring vision, buy-in from your executive management, the right people in place, but above all you need a good and clear strategy.

Over the next few weeks / months I will be putting together a series of posts to outline how to define a good social media strategy, and providing material that you can use to develop your own strategy:

  1. How to achieve the buy-in
  2. Phase 1: Building a Foundation
  3. Phase 2: Raising Awareness
  4. Phase 3: Driving Adoption
  5. Social Governance
  6. Evolving the Strategy

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