My Crazy Prediction?

In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

Read The Death Of Email by 2018

Will I be proved to be a:
or Fool?

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OIC 2009 Presentation & Cheesy Video

Thank you to everyone who attended our session at the Online Information Conference 2009 this week. It was good to see such a good turnout, and I hope our talk on adoption gave you some food for thought.

If anyone would like to contact me directly for support and advice on adoption within their business then feel free to use my contact details on the left.

The video we showed and the presentation can be found below....

Disclaimer: The products represented here are for illustration purposes only to display the Web 2.0 concept and are not a true representation of Oracle's E2.0 products.


Download Presentation: Social Media: Winning the Hearts and Minds

Thank you again for your attendance and feedback.


Welcome to stop!thinksocial

Welcome to our site.

Social media provides an opportunity for us all to connect and communicate better with one another, whether in the workplace or in our private lives.

But not everyone gets it! If you have part of your organisation communicating and collaborating using social media, and the other part still using web 1.0 principles, then how can these parts of your organisation interact and work together effectively?

stop!thinksocial focuses on addressing this issue and specialises in adoption strategies of social media in business to improve communication, collaboration and innovation opportunities, and to help generate exponential returns for individuals and businesses - a term known as socialnomics (coined by Erik Qualman).

Socialnomics is something that can be adopted into any business (small, medium or a large enterprise), but it requires a change of mindset to do so and a realisation that social media is about people:

"Change in mindset to be more open in our thinking and more collaborative in our approach, leading to enhanced creativity, increased productivity and mass innovation" - moi

stop!thinksocial will provide regular updates on tried and trusted adoption strategies of social media in business based on our experiences, as well as introduce new concepts and processes to better connect, collaborate and innovate.