My Crazy Prediction?

In September 2008 I made a prediction, that email as we know it today will no longer exist in 10 years time.

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Will I be proved to be a:
or Fool?

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Social Media Manager vs Community Manager (#SWChat)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this weeks Social Workplace Twitter Chat event (#SWChat).

Social Media Manager vs Community Manager

This weeks #SWChat was a Guest Event with Rachel Happe & Leanne Chase.

Rachel and Leanne are from The Community Roundtable which is an information services organization dedicated to the business of community. The goal of The Community Roundtable is to further the discipline of community management and provide practitioners a place to find peers, best practices, and resources. We run TheCRNetwork – a member-based organization with an annual membership fee for community leaders.

Event Statistics

  • No. of Tweets = 1200
  • No. of Contributors = 132
  • Reach = 383,000
  • No. of impressions = 3,800,000


Full Transcript Report via @hashtracking

Questions Asked

Q1) Why does there need to be a distinction between a Social Media Mgr and a Community Mgr?
Q2) How do you differentiate the role of a Social Media Mgr from a Community Mgr?
Q3) For smaller businesses, does the distinction between a Community Mgr and Social Media Mgr become less clear?
Q4) How has the recent explosion into social media changed the role of a Community Mgr?
Q5) How does the role of Community Mgr differ for internal communities compared to external ones?
Q6) Enterprise's have begun creating their own internal social networks. Is there a new role in the making to lead these?
Q7) What are the main characteristics and skills required to become a great Community Mgr?
Q8) What are the main characteristics and skills required to become a great Social Media Mgr?


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