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When: Every Thursday
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Duration: 60 mins
Where: Twitter (TweetChat)
About the Chat

Social Workplace Chat (#SWChat) is a weekly event where people from all corners of the globe come together to discuss topics around The Social Workplace for 1 hour.

#SWChat is intense, it's passionate, it's an incredible knowledge resource on all things social, but most of all it's an opportunity to meet and engage with some fantastic people.

The Twitter Chat is an extension of our sister Live Show event that takes place every Monday. The same discussion topics are debated on both channels.

The Host

 David Christopher

The Co-hosts

Enterprise Social Networks: Serious business tool or just a bit of fun?

Back in April we had our show Enterprise Social Network vs Email where opinion seemed to be divided. But can an Enterprise Social Networks add value to our day to day business activity or is it just a bit of fun for chatting with our colleagues?

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Show Playback

Every Monday we host the LIVE Show "Thru the Firewall" where we have some of the most respected Social Business practioners coming together to discuss the hottest topics around transforming businesses to become social.

This same topic was discussed on the LIVE Show via Google+ (also available via our YouTube Channel) the previous Monday and the playpack of the show is embedded below:


Q1) Are ESN's, like Yammer, Oracle Social Network, etc. serious business tools or just a way for employees to chat?

Q2) How do you respond to mgrs who say "ESN's are distracting my employees from actually doing any work?"

Q3) How do you go about blending an Enterprise Social Network successfully in any organisation?