* Based on average statistics colected since 02 Feb 2012
1 Administration fee
2 Currently in beta (uses the Spreecast social video platform). Approx 2,000 playbacks / event




Q) Can any brand sponsor #SWChat?
A) No. It's important that the integrity of the chat is maintained for the community members. Only social media / social tech related brands or conferences can sponsor the chat.

Q) Are there other Sponsorship Packages available?
A) Yes. We are flexible in our offerings and do tailored packages to accommodate different types of brand sponsorships.

Q) Who is #SWChat's typical audience?
A) Every week people from all around the globe participiate. Whilst #SWChat does have a large core following who return week after week, the chosen discussion topic each week attracts a large number of newcomers.

Q) What is the Twitter Reach and why is it important?
A) The Twitter Reach is the total number of people exposed to the tweets during the event (e.g. if 1 person attending has 10,000 followers, the Twitter Reach is = 10,000). This allows for your brand messaging to be potentially seen by hundred's of thousands of people during a single #SWChat event.

Q) What are Twitter Impressions and why are they important?
A) Twitter Impression is the aggregated number of expected followers exposed to the tweets during the event (e.g. if 1 person attending has 10,000 followers and sends 20 tweets during the event, this is 200,000 Twitter Impressions). This provides an estimate of the total possible number of times your brand messaging could be seen.

Q) How does the Prize Draw work?
A) By giving away prizes, it can incentivise the SWChat community. Typical prizes might consist of a conference ticket, white papers or copies of a book recently published. We also send out an additional 600+ tweets to each member of the community to raise awareness of the Prize Draw prior to the event.

Q) What is the Live Video Chat?
A) This is a new offering we have added to the Sponsorship package and is currently an optional free social channel to share your Brand message to the community. It's run off the Spreecast social video platform, and is a LIVE stream open to anyone to listen, watch or even participate (up to 4 people can be on air at any one time). Each event is recorded and accessible for users to playback shortly after the live event itself. Check out the Social Business Transformation playback as an example.



 Being a guest on #SWChat was fab, it's now my fave chat ever since. I keep coming back - rare for a jaded thing like me :) 

Maddie Grant

 Being a guest on #SWChat is like having 1M personal simultaneous conversations with expert practitioners. It's a veritable knowledge tsunami. 

Andy Jankowski
Enterprise Strategies

 #SWChat provides valuable insights about using social media in different orgs & great sharing of best practice & resources. One of my highly recommended Tweetchat resources. 

Shirley Ayres
Digital Strategy & Comms Consultant

 I find #SWChat the most engaging Twitter chat out there. @Davidchris finds some of the best Co-hosts and topics EVERY week without fail! 

Chris Gibbons
Durham Consulting

 #SWChat Smart, funny people who keep me thinking about "social" & a 21st century version of Cheers 

Bruce Kneuer
Social Media Manager

 #SWChat keeps me up to date w/what's relevant in today's SoMe world - sharp, fresh, engaging & spot on! 

Deborah Thomas
DTN Productions International

 I join #SWChat for valuable interaction on timely topics with workplace leaders around the world. New ideas sprout, take root. 

Tom Spiglanin
Ph.D Scientist

 #SWChat - All the coolest people are there, and the topics are always hot! :) 

Keri Jaehnig
Chief Marketing Officer
Idea Girl Media