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Here are some top tips in 140 characters or less:

RT @davidchris STS Tip 22: Don't force employees to be social in the workplace - focus on the Easy Adopters #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 21: In a world that is now social, we no longer manage knowledge but share it #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 20: Death by PowerPoint is not going to engage your audience. Be creative #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 19: To leverage your enterprise social network you must first build employee trust #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 18: For every slice of the knowledge pie you share, you'll receive two in return #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 17: Email is a linear communication tool and should not be used for collaboration #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 16: Don't reduce your information flows, instead evolve how you manage them #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 15: Apply People>Objectives>Strategy>Tools methodology by @forrester as your social biz strategy #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 14: Reducing costs should never be the driver for social media #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 13: Social governance in the workplace is not essential, but it sure does help #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 12: The only excuse for not being social in the workplace is a sorry one #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 11: Use social media to explain social media and engage with your audience #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 10: Being Social in the workplace is more than just talking. It's a new way of working #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 9: To be a successful change agent you need passion. People follow passion #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 8: Use open crowdsourcing techniques with employees to solve key business issues #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 7: A grass roots approach can sometimes be better than boardroom buy-in #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 6: Combine social and traditional style comms to connect with your employees #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 5: Transition newsletters and email lists to a social collaborative platform #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 4: Focus on the business challenges and apply the social tools, never the other way round #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 3: When creating The Social Workplace: Start small – Quick Win – BIG Impact #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 2: Do not underestimate the cultural change associated with social technologies #swchat
RT @davidchris STS Tip 1: Social technologies enable the strategy, they don't define it #swchat